The fast journey planner

for the rail network in Great Britain.

Uses official timetable data licensed from Rail Delivery Group, updated daily.

Why FastJP?

Features include:

Fast and flexible

Suitable for use on mobile devices as well as desktop PCs; screen view and printable itineraries available

Up to date

Timetable data available 14 weeks in advance and updated weekly


Uses official station minimum connection times and non-timetabled links between stations (walking, Underground, bus etc.)

Station groups

Recognises station groups used for fares purposes (e.g. London Terminals), and finds the fastest journeys from/to any station in the group. In addition, up to 5 different origin and/or destination stations may be specified and journeys will be found from/to those which give the fastest journey opportunities


Up to 5 different via and/or avoid stations may be specified, for precise route control, and the nature of the call (pass, stop or change at the station) is configurable


Stopovers at any via station are configurable: after adding the via, select Must change here and fill in the minimum layover time requred

Negative layovers

Unofficial connections may be forced by adding a negative layover time at the relevant via/change station

Transport operators

Extensive control is available over which train operating companies to use or avoid and which non-rail travel modes may be used